October 16, 2021

Submit your story

Your story can give others hope and change someone’s life. To submit your own inspirational relationship video turn on your video camera (or use your cellphone or webcam) and answer this question:

What was your most significant obstacle to having a successful relationship and how did you overcome it?

Just get in front of the camera and start talking! Start with saying your name and where you’re from. Don’t worry about getting it perfect as we will edit your video to help your story shine! (Imperfect is even better as people love authenticity)  Just try to make the video the best quality possible (Tips- Record in a quiet, well-lit environment. Solid, dark colored clothing is best. Lighting above and/or behind the camera- not behind the subject. Try to be concise and under 10 minutes).

Please note- by submitting your story and video you are giving us permission to
edit and share it with others on the internet (that’s kind of the point!)

Submission Instructions

To submit your video, upload it to YouTube, Vimeo, or similar video hosting service and send us the URL, your contact info, and a bit about your story using the form below. Thanks!

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