October 16, 2021


  • Why are you doing this?
    To provide hope and inspiration to singles and couples that want a fulfilling relationship
  • Why should I share my story?
    Mainly compassion- when you’ve struggled and overcome a significant life challenge you have empathy for others going through the same situation and your story can truly help and inspire others. This is an important way you can make a positive difference in the world. Information and advice is freely available- inspiration and hope are even more important.
  • How long should the video be?
    As long as 10 minutes or so. We will edit for clarity and length and you’ll be surprised how good your video can be with a little editing.
  • What should I say on the video?
    Say your name and where you’re from, then answer the question What was your biggest challenge to having a successful relationship and how did you overcome it? Speak authentically from your heart about your struggle, where you are now, and how you got to where you are now. Just share your story- don’t try to be perfect!
  • Should I include my husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend?
    Preferably, yes. Even if they don’t say anything their presence in being there for you is powerful. If they aren’t comfortable doing so, it’s perfectly OK to do it on your own.
  • What kind of video camera should I use?
    Any camera that works! You want to end up with a digital video file you can upload to the internet, so preferably a digital video camera such as a flip camera, cell phone, webcam, etc. Many digital still cameras can take video as well.
  • How can I produce a good quality video?
    Don’t try to be perfect- imperfect is better because people love authenticity. Just be sure to take the video in a quiet, well-lighted environment. It helps to wear solid colored, dark clothing and to film against a wall or non-busy background. Be sure there are no light sources in front of the camera like a window or lamp (keep light sources behind and/or above the camera). Take the video with the highest definition setting available on your camera.
  • How do I send you the video file?
    Send us the link to the YouTube (or Facebook, Vimeo, or other video sharing website) video first using our submission form and we’ll send you instructions for sending us the video file for editing. We promise it will be easy!
  • What is Relationship Coaching Institute?
    Answer- Relationship Coaching Institute, founded by David Steele in 1997, is the first and largest international relationship coach training organization. More info here- www.RelationshipCoachingInstitute.com
  • What is Relationship Coaching?
    Answer: Click here
  • How is coaching different from therapy?
    Answer: Click here.
  • Why is Relationship Coaching needed?
    Answer: Click Here
  • Why should I use a Relationship Coach?
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  • What are the Do’s and Don’ts of Relationship Coaching?
    Answer: Click here
  • How can I find a qualified relationship coach?
    Answer: RCI-trained relationship coaches for singles are available here and for couples are available  here. They are trained members of Relationship Coaching Institute (RCI) with full support and mentoring from RCI leaders and staff. RCI is the only coach training organization organized as a membership organization to provide relationship coaches with on-going support, education, training and mentoring, providing you solid evidence of their training and commitment to their profession.
  • How should I choose a relationship coach?

    Answer: Here are some strategies to help you choose a relationship coach:

    • First, narrow your search to “Singles” if you are not currently in a relationship, or “Couples” if you are currently in a relationship.

    • If you wish to work with a coach in your local area, search by location.

    • If you ‘re willing to work by telephone (highly recommended) your choices expand greatly.

    • All coaches specialize, so search for a coach with expertise in your particular situation.

    • When visiting the coach websites, be sure to open the “About Us” page and contact the coaches that resonate for you.

    • Contact at least three coaches and ask them for a free “Strategy Session.” Hire the one that you have the best rapport with, that inspires your confidence that they can help you.

    • Ask for references and follow through by talking with real clients who have achieved results working with the coaches you’re attracted to.

  • How can I be sure I’m hiring an ethical and qualified coach?

    Answer: We have personal experience with each of the coaches on this website, but in general here are some guidelines to avoid unqualified and unethical coaches:

    1. Do not hire a coach with no discernible coaching credentials. Be sure to verify their credentials by visiting the web sites and contacting the training programs they claim to have trained with and professional associations they claim to be a member.

    2. Do an internet search to learn more about them. What do other people say about them? What have they published? What else have they accomplished? A credible, professional coach should be easy to check out on the internet.

    3. Ask for references. Credible coaches will have many happy clients that will enthusiastically share about their experience with them. Don’t buy claims of “confidentiality” as this is not therapy or other service that might prohibit this practice.

    4. If they publish testimonials and/or endorsements, follow up and contact those people to verify.

    5. Interview several coaches. Shop around and find someone you feel good about who has solid references, credentials, and a good track record of helping people like you.

    6. The easiest way to tell a Professional Coach from an UN-professional coach is their approach to giving advice. Just as you can’t successfully build a house or a business or a relationship from reading a book on the subject, telling people what they should do just doesn’t work. Information and answers alone are not effective. The Professional Coach believes that you the client are the expert and the best source for your solutions, and will empower you to identify and implement the choices most effective for you. UN-professional coaches believe they know what you should do and that your job is to listen and follow their directions.

    7. Use your common sense and trust your gut. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

  • How can I become a professional coach?
    Answer: Click here
  • How can I become a Relationship Coach?
    Answer: Click here
  • Can I make a good living as a Relationship Coach?
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  • How can I find a good professional coach training program?
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  • What’s the best way to learn more about training with Relationship Coaching Institute?
    Easy! Get our free Relationship Coach Starter Kit here

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