October 16, 2021

Love is a Choice (inspirational love song)

Beautiful, inspirational love song from Relationship Coaching Institute. Composed by Ariana Hall, David Steele, and Darlene Steele. Sung a capella by Ariana Hall.

The Oldest Couple Ever to be Married

The Oldest Couple Ever to be Married!

Laughter in the Subway

Here’s an amazing example of the power of positive energy in relationships and the interdependence of our human experience.

Enjoy, and we dare you NOT to laugh!

Barack and Michelle

Barack and Michelle Obama- a truly inspirational couple!

48 Couples

Here’s a great video of 48 couples arranged by length of relationship in descending order from 77 years to 3 weeks.

360 Years of Marriage

Here’s a cute video from BetterMarriages.org of couples celebrating 360 years of marriage. Looks like a fun organization!