October 16, 2021

Scott and Karla: Why Wait to Say Goodbye?

When Scott Nelson had terminal cancer and just days left to live, his family and friends held an amazing event to celebrate Scott…with Scott! The evening was filled with love, laughter and more than a few tears of sorrow and joy. What an inspiration to see how Scott’s loved ones came together to say what was in their hearts BEFORE it was too late for Scott to hear it.

It’s always too soon to say goodbye to someone you love. Death brings the ending when it seems we’re only in the middle of the story.

Paul and Peggy: Dealing Gracefully with Step Parenting, Cancer, and Unemployment

When it rains it pours. Paul and Peggy, married 40 years, stuck together as a team when many couples would have fallen apart when his kids said “Your not my mother!”, through Peggy’s breast cancer and Paul’s periods of unemployment. Their secret? Watch this video and let this inspirational couple tell you themselves.

Kathe and David: Being Soul Mates Isn’t Easy!

“I wanted to stab him in his sleep!” How can you be so in love and so frustrated at the same time? Kathe and David met in 2nd grade and consider themselves soul mates but have strong personalities and huge differences they’ve had to learn to overcome to make their 25 year marriage work, complicated by Kathe’s Multiple Sclerosis.